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A Business & Economics Book by Effan Audi Khalif

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My Story

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Effan Audi Khalif is currently a high school student at Jakarta Intercultural School. With a fond interest in economics, he has represented Indonesia in several national and international competitions, including the World Scholar's Cup, Harvard Model Congress Asia, and CISSMUN XI.


Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, he continues to share his love of learning and economics through "Audi's Podcast" on Youtube, SixySecondEcon on Instagram, and "Digital Entrepreneurship" book. Through these endeavors, he aims to help businesses, regardless of how big or small, flourish and develop through digital marketing during the pandemic.

Meet the Author
Book Reviews

"When I read Effan Audi Khalif’s book, I felt immensely proud because I didn’t expect a student his age to produce a comprehensive and informative book that is understandable for all ages. By collecting information from credible sources, such as Prof. Muladi and Prof. Firmanzah, he emphasized the importance of entrepreneurs to digitize their businesses in this new normal era. Enjoy reading!"

Dr. Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita, M.Si.

Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia

Book Reviews
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